My UFO diary, by George

Dear diary,

Today has been an awesome yet scary day.

It was an ordinary day until a UFO shocked me and said come up here. I wasn’t sure what it was but they knew what I was. I asked What are you? But they didn’t tell me.

The only thing stopping me was the giant alien, he grabbed me but I slipped out of his hand and found a robot suit and pushed him out of the window. I nearly jumped out but the king alien sealed the hatch and stopped me so I couldn’t jump.

I finally found him. He used his magic and destroyed my robot suit and took its power but that was too much power because it turned him giant. I didn’t want to die so I made the ship so big that it was bigger than him. He dropped his staff. He can’t live without his staff so he shrank to a teeny alien. He was the size of plancton. So I flicked him out of the ship. I was in full control of the ship until a meteor hit the ship. Well I thought they were meteors but they were rock monsters. They took apart the ship so I sky dived out back to Earth but all the aliens that I kicked out of the ship were there so I had to get rid of them for good. They all died so they were  zombie aliens. I remembered plants versus zombies so I got a pea shooter. When they all died I was given a medal from the army. How amazing is that? My friends asked me weird questions like how big were they or they said things like how amazing!




Category: Literacy
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4 Responses
  1. Lucy says:

    Well done George! I like how you have used the word Plankton to describe the alien.

  2. Emily and Caitlin says:

    WOW! George we both love your story and use of WOW Words. You have an amazing imagination.

    Emily and Caitlin
    Digital Leaders

  3. Joel says:

    I love how you have used !

  4. Miss Preston says:

    Wow George I love that you have used WOW words. Next time think about where you use full stops.

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